Diagnostic Request

  • A diagnostic fee will apply to all equipment that is looked at by our technicians. This fee is to cover the cost of our technician’s time to diagnose the problem and to prepare the estimate. Diagnostic/Estimate requests do NOT include reassembly. Customers requesting reassembly will be charged the shop labor rate to reassemble it.
  • A diagnostic fee of $50.00 for Riding Mowers, $35.00 for Walk Behind Mowers, and $25.00 for Hand Held Equipment will be collected when your equipment is picked up.
  • If you do elect to have the repair or service completed, the diagnostic fee will be credited in the final bill.
  • NOTE: Equipment that is left unclaimed for more than 15 days after the estimate is completed, will be charged a $5.00 day storage fee commencing on the 16th day.  If equipment is unclaimed after 30 days of estimate, the equipment will be DISPOSED OF or SOLD to recover estimate costs and storage fees with no compensation / reimbursement given to the customer.

If you would like to schedule your equipment to be picked up for service,
please click on this link SCHEDULE A PICK-UP FORM or call (904) 292-9083.