Lack Of Maintenance

This 5 year old riding mower is a prime example of why its so important to have Mobile Mower Medics perform routine maintenance to all of your lawn equipment.  This customer chose to ignore the badly needed maintenance and one day while mowing in early September 2012, the mower went up like an inferno right as the owner was sitting on the mower.  This disaster could have been completely avoided.  Don’t hesitate, call Mobile Mower Medics today!






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Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan APMP:

  • Zero Turn Mower $140.00 + Parts,   Riding Mowers $120.00 + Parts,   Push Mowers $60.00 + Parts
  • Perform a Complete General Maintenance Service so that it’s running at peak efficiency. A Complete General Maintenance Service consists of the following:
    1. Replace spark plug(s)
    2. Clean/replace air filter
    3. Replace engine oil
    4. Replace oil filter if applicable
    5. Drain Fuel Bowl
    6. Replace fuel filter if applicable
    7. Inspect fuel lines
    8. Throttle / choke adjustments
    9. Remove debris from cooling fins
    10. Remove debris from steering components
    11. Remove debris from deck components
    12. Remove debris from drive train components
    13. Inspect / replace DECK belt
    14. Inspect / replace PTO belt
    15. Inspect DRIVE belt (replacement not included)
    16. Sharpen & balance the blade(s)
    17. Adjust deck height
    18. Lubricate where applicable
    19. Inspect battery health and charge battery if applicable
    20. Check tires for proper inflation
    21. Wash/Clean the mower
  • As an APMP Customer, you will receive a 10% discount for any additional services or repairs that your mower may need during the cutting season.
  • Receive 10% discount on annual APMP renewal.

NOTE: While we will do everything in our Preventative Maintenance Plan to prolong and improve the operational life of your mower, we make no promise or guarantee that your mower will not have a future mechanical breakdown or battery failure. However, if you are a APMP Customer, you will receive a 10% discount for any additional services or repairs that your mower may need.

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