Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

Zero Turn Mowers – General Maintenance Service ($170.00 + PARTS):

  1. Remove debris from the engine cooling fins
  2. Clean or replace the air filter
  3. Replace the spark plug(s)
  4. Inspect or replace the fuel lines
  5. Replace the fuel filter
  6. Drain and flush carburetor fuel bowl
  7. Flush fuel lines and tank if needed
  8. Adjust throttle & choke cables if needed
  9. Replace engine oil
  10. Replace engine oil filter if applicable
  11. Inspect or flush cooling system if applicable
  12. Remove debris from deck components
  13. Inspect or replace deck belt
  14. Inspect or replace PTO belt
  15. Inspect or replace tension idler pulleys
  16. Sharpen & balance the cutting blade(s)
  17. Adjust deck height to cut level
  18. Remove debris from steering components
  19. Inspect or replace caster bearings
  20. Remove debris from hydro units
  21. Inspect hydro fluid levels
  22. Replace hydro filter if applicable
  23. Adjust hydro steering tracking
  24. Lube cables, steering, and blade spindles
  25. Inspect & charge the battery
  26. Check & fill tires to proper inflation
  27. Install tire plug or inner tube if needed
  28. Degrease the engine if needed
  29. Wash the mower
  30. Test the overall operation & performance


NOTE: Rebuilding or replacing the carburetor and replacing the drive belts are NOT included
in this service and are billed at the regular shop labor rate + parts.


If you would like to schedule your equipment to be picked up for service,
please click on this link SCHEDULE A PICK-UP FORM.